Convallaria majalis

Lily of the valley

How to order Convallarias

Orders can be sent by email to
convallaria[at] (replace [at] by @) all year long.
They are treated and fullfilled on a first come first served basis and as long as stock lasts.
Specially out of the shipping season it can take a while before emails are answered.
German speaking people can also write "auf Deutsch".

Shipment of Convallarias will usually take place two times each season: around December 1st and between February 1st and 15th.
Other plants (Anemonella, Eranthis, Sanguinaria) can be sent on a more regular basis.
Only to countries within the European Union and to countries where it is allowed to import plants from Holland (your own responsibility).

The plants are harvested from my own hobby culture and are available in (very) limited numbers.
From some cultivars I can deliver larger quantities too which are not grown by myself. Send me your wishes and I will see what I can do for you.

Minimum order amount: €25,00 excluding shipping costs.
When a part of your order is sold out, that part can already be reserved for the next season. The normal shipping costs should be paid once more, but you don't have to reach the minimum order amount again. Of course you can also ask me to pass the entire order through to the next season, so that you pay shipping costs only once.

The rhizomes/noses will be well packed but are sent without pot and soil.
It is important to plant them out directly after receipt. When the frost is in the ground at that time, you can easily pot them up in pots.

The most important conditions
* Shipping is always at buyers risk.
* does not take any responsibility regarding damage and/or loss during shipment.
* Exchange or money-back is not possible.
* is a private person, not a company.
* Payment options:
-- By wire banktransfer in Euros, all bank costs are for your own account
-- Sending cash via Registered Mail
-- Through PayPal, for most European countries you pay 4% extra to cover PayPal costs with a minimum of €1.50, for some countries 5,5%
When paid by PayPal the order will only be shipped by Registered Mail / Signed for.
* As soon as the plants have been shipped, you'll get noticed by email.

Shipping costs guidelines 2016
* Flat parcel, fitting through the letterbox, for approximately 3-4(-5) noses, depending on their size and the number of cultivars: €7,50
* Flat parcel, fitting through the letterbox, for up to approximately 10-15 noses, depending on their size and the number of cultivars: €12,50
* Flat parcel, Registered / Signed for and insured until €50,00, for up to approximately 10-15 noses, depending on their size and the number of cultivars: €14,00
* Normal parcel, for an almost unlimited number of noses (up to 2 kilo): €12,00
--- If you want this to be Trackable & Registered / Signed for & insured until €500,00
----- Add €4,00 for Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark (excl. Faerφer Isl), Germany, France (incl. Corsica and Monaco), Italy, Austria, Spain (incl. Balearen, excl. Canary Isl), U.K. (excl. Gibraltar and Channel Isl), Sweden
----- Add €11,00 for other European countries and islands

All offers are without engagement and provided that plants are in stock.

Here you find a map from Europe with the countries marked where happy Convallaria enthousiasts live who purchased / swapped Convallaria plant from / with me.

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