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Lily of the valley


How to order these plants

My personal experience is that it's quite difficult for a Convallaria-lover to extend his/her collection.
Many perennial nurseries offer one or a few cultivars, but their collection is often very limited.
That means a lot of travelling or shipping costs to obtain some new plants for your garden.

But here at you can find and buy the largest collection of Convallaria cultivars on one website!

From the below mentioned 29 cultivars / varieties you can already order plants or "noses". Have a look at the year mentioned behind the name of the plant. This is the autumn of the year that they are (again) available for sale. And believe it or not: there exist even more Convallaria cultivars than these 29...
Do you have additional information available about any of the mentioned varieties, please let me know so that it can be shared on this website with other Convallaria enthousiasts.

All mentioned prices are in €uro per plant.
Double nosed plants are sometimes available at a relatively small extra price. Ask for the possibilities for this when you order.

Cultivar lg from autumn leeg 1 or 2 plants lg 3 to 9 plants lg 10 plants or more
Convallaria majalis 2015 E2,00 E1,50 E1,00
The common lily of the valley. Larger quantities on request.
Convallaria majalis 'Albostriata' / 'Albolineata' / 'Striata' / 'Variegata' 2015 E6,00 E5,50 E5,00
Eye-catching appearance with light yellow to white lines along the entire length of the leaf.
On a sunny spot the lines become whiter. Width and number of lines can differ each year. Slow grower. Larger quantities on request.

Convallaria majalis 'Aurea' 2015 E15,00 E13,00 max. 5 pcs.
Golden leaves, clearly distinctive from the standard. Brings "light" on dark spots in the garden.
Grows slower than green leaved cultivars, because there is less chlorophyl in the leaves.
Leaf colour comparable with 'Golden Jubilee'.

Convallaria majalis 'Blush' 2015 E6,50 E6,00 max. 3 pcs.
Very soft pink flowers and narrow leaves.
Possibly the same plant than C. majalis var. transcaucasica which has the same description.

Convallaria majalis 'Bordeaux' 2015 E4,00 E3,50 max. 5 pcs.
Larger than the common lily.
Convallaria majalis 'Bridal Choice' 2015 E5,00 E4,50 E4,00
In all aspects larger than the common lily. Excellent for cutflower use. Larger quantities on request.
Convallaria majalis 'Crème da Mint' / 'Cream da Mint' 2016 E?,??
Large form with a yellow rim around the leaves which have a "blue-ish" tint, originated from the U.S.A.
Similar to 'Hardwick Hall'. As far as I know it is nowhere available for sale in Europe.

Convallaria majalis 'Dorien' / 'Doreen' 2015 E4,50 max. 2 pcs
Larger than the common lily.
Convallaria majalis 'Fernwood Golden Slippers' 2016 E12,00 max. 2 pcs.
Golden leaves changing later in the season to chartreuse (yellow-green).
This strong tetraploid is a mutant from 'Crème da Mint'.
Discovered by Rick Sawyer and named for the nursery in the USA where it was selected,
and with memories of his friend Mildred Seaver's choice of footwear.
Convallaria majalis 'Flore Pleno' 20?? swop only
After searching for nearly 10 years I FINALLY found this one and only double flowering Convallaria.
Many times I received 'Prolificans' when someone promised 'Flore Pleno'. But it's dogged as does it...
The lower bells can get some side-bells, like 'Prolificans', but 'Flore Pleno' is clearly distinguishable from 'Prolificans'
and the only one that really has the double number of petals on one bell.
Probably unnecessary to mention: extremely rare.

Convallaria majalis 'Frühlingszauber' 2015 E6,00 max. 2 pcs.
Nice, rich flowering.

Convallaria majalis 'Géant de Fortin' / 'Fortins Giant' 2015 E4,50 E4,00 E3,50
Discovered in France more than a century ago, larger than the common lily.
Convallaria majalis 'Golden Jubilee' 2015 E12,00 E11,00 max. 3 pcs.
Eye-catching appearance because of the golden leaves. Discovered in England in Margareth Owen's garden.
Grows slower than the green leaved forms, because there is less chlorophyl in the leaves. Sturdy plant.

Convallaria majalis 'Grandiflora' 2016 E4,50 E4,00 max. 3 pcs.
An old cultivar with, hence the name, larger flowers/bells than normal.

Convallaria majalis 'Green Tapestry' / 'Gérard Debureaux' 2016 E18,00 max. 2 pcs.
Irregular yellow patterns on the leaves. Grows well, sturdy plant.

Convallaria majalis 'Haldon Grange' 2015 E6,50 E6,00 E5,50
Large variegated form, taller than 'Hardwick Hall'. Larger quantities on request.

Convallaria majalis 'Hardwick Hall' 2015 E5,00 E4,50 E4,00
Large growing form with yellow rims around the leaves and sometimes a yellow flame or stripe across the leaf.
Named after one of the most important and centuries old English country houses.
Possibly this cultivar once appeared in the gardens of Hardwick Hall.

Convallaria majalis 'Hitscherberger Riesenperle' / 'Hitschberger Riesenperle' 2015 E7,50 E7,00 max. 5 pcs.
Good growingpower, flowers richer than the normal lily-of-the-valley and has longer flowerstalks. Bells open wide.
Convallaria majalis 'Hofheim' 2015 E6,50 E6,00 E5,50
Broad white-yellow rim around the leaves. Larger quantities on request.

Convallaria majalis 'Landgraaf' 2016 swop
Unregular, gold coloured strokes of the brush along the veins. Not all leaves show this characteristic,
it seems that only the heavy, adult plants have these marks. Discovered in the 1980's in Bourtscheid, Luxemburg.
Named after the finder's hometown in the South of Holland.
Grows much taller than the common lily. Regarding height it gets close to var. keiskei. Rarely offered.

Convallaria majalis 'Lineata' 2015 E7,50 max. 2 pcs.
Delicate light yellow to white lines over the entire length of the leaves, thinner than with 'Albostriata'.
On s sunny spot the lines get whiter. Groeit slowly, rarely offered.

Convallaria majalis 'Marcel' 2016 swop
Exceptionally beautiful white-variegated Convallaria, extremely rare, slow growth. Large diversity in variegation.
Swop proposals with Galanthus cultivars are welcome too!

Convallaria majalis 'Prolificans' / 'Plena' 2015 E5,50 E5,00 E4,50
First you might think this cultivar has double flowers, but that's not true.
Each single flower is transformed into a cluster of 3 to 7 bells. The main bell flowers 1-2 weeks earlier than the surrounding bells,
but starting a bit later than the standard. So an extra long flowering time, a great look and extra fragrance.
Super cultivar! Larger quantities on request.

Convallaria majalis 'Rosea' / var. rosea 2015 E4,00 E3,50 max. 8 pcs.
The lily of the valley with real pink flowers. In full sun the flowers bleach to a lighter pink. Larger quantities on request.

Convallaria majalis 'Silberconfolis' 2015 E6,50 E6,00 E5,50
Recently discovered cultivar with white rims around the leaves. Varying from very narrow (left on picture) to wide.
The largest growing lily of the valley in my collection: up to 45cm tall! Larger quantities on request.

Convallaria majalis 'Theunissen' 2015 E12,00 E11,00 max. 3 pcs.
Great for the garden. Rich flowering, more bells per flowerstalk.
Because the last bells open later than the first, this cultivar is less suitable for cutflower production.
The flowers open wider and therefore seem to be larger. About 70% of the noses flower in the 2nd year already.
A special story about the origin of this cultivar you will receive with the purchase of the plants.

Convallaria majalis 'Variegated Pink' 2015 swop
Very special variegated form of the pink lily of the valley. Each shoot is unique for its striped colour pattern.
So the showed picture is never representative for the plant(s) you will receive.
They can have more or less and narrower or wider yellow stripes.
For example have a look at the larger picture elsewhere on this page.
Even the same nose will have a different colour pattern on the leaves in the following year.
Now and then complete green leaved shoots appear which have to be removed deeply,
because otherwise with time they will overgrow the variegated ones.
Each nose that will become available for swap or sale has been grown separately for one full growing season
and is checked for having the characteristic variegated leaf pattern. That is one of the reasons for a relatively high price.
Available through swop (swop proposals with Galanthus cultivars are welcome too) or limited purchase with large Convallaria orders.

Convallaria majalis 'Vic Pawlowskis Gold' 2015 E12,00 max. 2 pcs
Like 'Albostriata', but with some more and bolder yellow-white lines over the entire length of the leaves.
Selected by Mr. Vic Pawlowski, a well known and successful propagator in the South West of Engeland.
On a sunny spot the veins turn more white, while in the shade they will attract more attention.
Width and number of lines can be different each year.
Attractive cultivar, but a very slow grower. There is quite a long waiting list already...

Convallaria majalis var. keiskei 2016 swop or on request
The Japanese variant of our lily of the valley. Grows much taller, up to 42cm, with long 35cm flower stalks.
This info is right about the plant that I have purchased under this name and offer here.
But the real var. keiskei from Japan seems to be very small/short.
Which name does belong to this giant cultivar, I don't know...

How to order these Convallaria plants

Convallaria majalis 'Landgraaf'

Convallaria majalis 'Variegated Pink'

Other special plants

A relatively unknown, but very kind hardy plant. Recently it has been renamed to Thalictrum, but for now I will continue to use the name Anemonella.
Specially the double flowering cultivars are phenomenal: they have a very unusual long flowering time, often at least 2 months.
Underground there is a cluster of small tubers that can best be compared with those of Dahlias. But then in miniature.
Out of these tubers in spring thin stems are growing with a circle of bright green leaves. Above the leaves lovely pompom-like flowers appear on thin flower stalks. Each pompom flowers for 3-4 weeks.
Because not all flowers from one stem bloom at the same time, the plant is in flower much longer.
And not all stems come above the ground at the same time. This results in an even longer blooming festival.

From October until February, or as long as stock lasts, I have available a limited number of tuber clusters. Propagation is very slow.
Anemonella can be kept in pots very well, but they can grow in the garden too. They need a spot in the shadow or semi-shade and an always humid but not too wet soil. Keep excessive water away from the tubers in autumn and winter by putting the pots under a shed or in your garage. Are they planted in the garden, then a sheet of glass can do this.
I'm using a mixture of 3 parts peat, 2 parts perlite, 1 horticultural zand and 1 clay/lime. The peat and clay to keep it humid, the perlite and sand for a good drainage of the excess water. Instead of perlite you can also use vermiculite or broken lava.

lg 1 or 2 plants leeg 3 to 5 plants
Anemonella thalictroides 'Amelia' E11,00 max. 2 plants
Light pink, large single flowers. Very rich blooming.
Anemonella thalictroides 'Betty Blake' from autumn 2016
Green, fully double flowers.
Anemonella thalictroides 'Cameo' E10,00 E9,00
Soft pink, fully double flowers.
Anemonella thalictroides 'Dark Pink' E8,00 E7,00
Dark pink, large single flowers.
Anemonella thalictroides 'Full Double White' from autumn 2016
White, fully double flowers.
Anemonella thalictroides 'Jade Feather' / 'Green Hurricane' E11,00 E10,00
Green flowers with a bit twisted white stamens.
Often called 'Green Hurricane', but the official name is 'Jade Feather'.
Anemonella thalictroides 'Lloyds Big Bloomers' from autumn 2016
Extra large white flowers, 3cm diameter is not an exception.
Anemonella thalictroides 'Pink Flash' from autumn 2017
Dark pink, semi-double flowers.
Anemonella thalictroides 'Schoafs Double Pink' E19,00 max. 2 plants
Dark pink, fully double flowers. Very slow propagation.
The story behind this lovely dark pink Anemonella
[Still to be translated!) Wijlen heer en mevrouw Foster uit de U.S.A. vertellen in hun alleraardigste verhalen, opgetekend in het boek 'Cuttings from a rock garden' (ISBN 0-88192-377-X), de herkomst en omzwervingen van deze bijzonderheid uit het plantenrijk. Hier volgt mijn vertaling van de belangrijkste delen van hun verhaal:
Oscar Schoaf vond op een kleine begraafplaats in Owatonna (Minnesota, USA) in een grote groep van de gewone witte, enkelbloemige Anemonella thalictroides een donkerroze variant met dubbele bloemen. Hij wist meteen dat hij iets bijzonders gevonden had. De Fosters zijn degenen die voor deze one-in-a-million bijzonderheid de naam 'Schoafs Double Pink' hebben voorgesteld.
Maar mevrouw Louise Koehler uit Bixby (Minnesota, USA) heeft er eigenlijk voor gezorgd dat dit prachtige plantje in de handel terecht is gekomen.
In een brief aan de Fosters schreef zij: "Ik wist niets over deze Anemonella tot ik op een lentedag met mijn man in de auto meeging om een boodschap te doen. Terwijl ik in de auto wachtte tot hij weer terugkwam, zag ik een buurman aan de andere kant van de inrit in zijn tuin werken. Toen ik een zee van roze langs de borders zag, stapte ik uit de auto en ging kijken wat die zee van roze precies was. De tuinier gaf me twee van deze plantjes. Hij zei dat je ze kon vermeerderen door het delen van de knolletjes, wat ik eind July na de bloei deed.
Die man heette Oscar Schoaf. Hij had geprobeerd deze Anemonella's te verkopen aan een kwekerij, maar dat was hem niet gelukt. Hij liet zijn planten maar staan in grote pollen en deelde ze zelden. Ik heb de mijne wel regelmatig gedeeld en na vele jaren had ik er honderden. Ik vond dat ik de mijne niet moest verkopen totdat Schoaf voldoende gelegenheid had gehad om een kwekerij te vinden die ze alsnog van hem wilde kopen. Ik weet niet welke prijs hij er voor vroeg. Na twaalf jaar ben ik begonnen mijn planten te verkopen. Iedereen die ze zag, wilde er een paar hebben! Ik heb planten gestuurd naar het arboretum van de University of Minnesota, naar mevrouw Mary G. Herny uit Gladwyn, Pennsylvania en naar diverse vrienden die 'wildflower gardens' hadden."

Door de vrijgevigheid van mevrouw Koehler is de plant dus langzamerhand wijd verspreid geraakt. Iedereen die zo'n plantje heeft, zal meneer Schoaf en mevrouw Koehler dankbaar zijn, en ook hen die voor verdere verspreiding gezorgd hebben door zorgvuldige vermeerdering van de knolletjes en het afstaan ervan.

Er zijn later overigens diverse synoniemen gebruikt, zoals 'Oscar Schoaf', 'Schoafs Pink' en A. thalictroides rosea flore-pleno, maar de naam van de Fosters is voor zover bekend het eerste aan de plant gegeven, dus Anemonella thalictroides 'Schoafs Double Pink'.

As the sun so bright: the aconite!
One of the earliest flowering plants of the year. For those who want something else than the common dark yellow Eranthis hyemalis there are several special cultivars.
In limited numbers I have them available, from August to February/March or as long as stock lasts.
They can be grown in pots as well, but be sure to keep the soil humid from August until they start to die back in April.

lg 1 or 2 plants leeg 3 to 5 plants
Eranthis hyemalis 'Euan Bunclark' swop, also with Galanthus
Awesome new cultivar with deeply serrated petals, comparable with the characteristic Eranthis leaves.
Extremely rare. Not for sale, swop only with Eranthis or Galanthus.
Eranthis hyemalis 'Flore Pleno' E15,00 E12,50
Golden double flowers. The 1st year after replanting they can be partially less double, this will turn back to normal a year later.
Eranthis hyemalis 'Grünling' E7,00 E6,50
Translated: 'Greenfinch'. Golden flowers with unregular dark green stripes on some petals.
Eranthis 'Hafod' E22,50 max. 2 plants
Semi-double, yellow flowers. Quite a tall plant.
Variable: some years the same plants develop 10-12 petals and other years only 5-7 petals.
A special story about the origin and naming of this cultivar you will receive with the purchase of the plants.
Eranthis hyemalis 'Lady Lamortagne' E30,00 E27,50
Large double flowers.
Eranthis hyemalis 'Noël Ayres' E22,50 max. 2 plants
Greenish-yellow double flowers. Propagation by division of the corms, so very slow and therefore a costly cultivar.
Named after a head gardener of Anglesey Abbey in England where this cultivar was discovered.
Eranthis hyemalis 'Orange Glow' E22,50 E20,00
Orange-yellow cup shaped flowers, discovered in the botanical garden of Kopenhagen, Denmark.
Eranthis hyemalis 'Pauline' E22,50 max. 2 plants
The flower and anthers are a bit lighter than 'Schwefelglanz'.
Eranthis hyemalis 'Plena type Scotland' E22,50 max. 2 plants
Golden double flowers. The 1st year after replanting they can be partially less double, this will turn back to normal a year later.
Discovered in Scotland. Plants offered are propagated by division. Available again from Spring 2016.
Eranthis hyemalis 'Schlyters Orange' E15,00 E12,50
Orange-yellow flowers, early and rich flowering. Compact growth. From Severin Schlyter (Sweden).
Eranthis 'Schlyters Riese' E22,50 E20,00
Believed to be a hybrid, sterile, so propagated by division of the corms.
Forms a very large plant. From Severin Schlyter (Sweden).
Eranthis 'Schlyters Triumph' swap, also with Galanthus
Large and early flowering orange-yellow selection with more dish shaped flowers.
Best orange colour so far, although my picture seems to show the opposite...
From Severin Schlyter (Sweden). New introduction (2013).
Eranthis hyemalis 'Schwefelglanz' E7,50 E6,50
Translated: 'Sulphur Glow'. Apricot to straw colouring flower bud, later light yellow sulphur flower. Early.
Discovered by Mrs. Ruth Treff in her garden in Darmstadt, Germany.
Eranthis hyemalis 'Winterzauber' E15,00 E12,50
A quite tall and the earliest flowering aconite, sometimes even before the New Year.
Very rich flowering but sterile, so propagation by division of the corms only.
And that's a quite slow process... it was discovered around 1980 in Erfurt, Germany in a field with only E. hyemalis,
but because of the slow propagation it is still very rarely offered.
Eranthis x tubergenii E9,00 E8,00
Sterile hybrid, nice dark yellow and rich flowering. Propagation by division of the corms only.
Eranthis pinnatifida E22,50 max. 2 plants
Rare and special Eranthis from Asia. Pure white petals with eye-catching, lovely blue stamens.
Early flowering. Has much smaller corms than Eranthis hyemalis.

The snowdrop, one of the earliest announcements of Spring. But did you know that some snowdrops already flower in November or December?
By building up your own collection with different cultivars you can have flowering snowdrops in your garden from October until April.
In the U.K. there are many snowdrop collectors and for many decades special snowdrop events and garden tours are organised. Also on the European mainland there are more and more snowdrop enthousiasts, sometimes called "Galanthophiles". Have a look below and see the enormous diversitiy that is available within Galanthus. And this is only a handfull cultivars while there seem to be over 1000...
Bulbs or plants "in the green", all are pot grown but shipped ex pot, can be shipped from August until end of March. Prices are per bulb/plant.
I have many more cultivars available, a separate snowdrop website will be developed during 2016. Are you looking for a particular cultivar, just ask for it, maybe I can help you.

lg 1 plant leeg 2 plants leeg 3 plants
Galanthus plicatus 'Colossus' E12,00 E10,00 E 8,00
Tall plant, large flowers that open wide. Early flowering.
Galanthus 'Cowhouse Green' E32,50 E30,00 max. 2
Slow growing, sturdy plant with eye-catching green lines on the outer petals.
Flowers a bit later in the season. ***Available again from August 2016***
Galanthus 'Duckie' E15,00 E12,00 E10,00
Cute plant that soon forms a nice clump.
The edge of the outer petals is curled so that it looks like the "mouth" of a duck.
Galanthus 'Fly Fishing' E20,00 E17,50 E15,00
Snowdrop with the longest pedicels of all. Forms a nice clump quite fast.
Very nice to see the flowers dancing in the wind. Excellent "drop" form when the flower isn't open.
Galanthus 'Straffan' E 5,00 E 4,00 E 3,50
Classic snowdrop discovered over 100 years ago, but still much beloved.
Flowers a bit later in the season and when well settled often with 2 flowerscapes per bulb.
These don't flower at the same time, which extends the flowering time of the plant.
Galanthus plicatus 'Trymlet' E25,00 E22,50 E20,00
Beautiful and sturdy snowdrop with eye-catching flowers,
not only because of their shape, but also the green marking on the outer petals.
***Available again from August 2016***
Galanthus elwesii 'White Perfection' E60,00 E50,00 E45,00
Poculiformic snowdrop of which the 3 inner petals have about the same size as the 3 outers,
all 6 are completely white.

The bloodroot, a lovely early spring bloomer!
Extended background info is available at
Shipment of rhizomes between October 1st and March 1st.

lg 1 or 2 plants leeg 3 to 5 plants
Sanguinaria canadensis forma Multiplex E10,00 E9,00
Large pure white pompom-flowers.
Sanguinaria canadensis 'Rosea' from 2017
Single flowers with a pink underside of the petals which is already visible when the flower is still in bud.
Also the underside of the leaves has a pinkish glow. Extremely rare.
Sanguinaria canadensis 'Star' E15,00 max. 2 plants
Very special, star shaped flowers.
Sanguinaria canadensis NEW cultivar from 2016
Early flowering with up to 24 petals.

How to order these plants

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